Meet Michael Brett and Follow his Inspiring Adventure in Spain

2017-06-12 | 06:43:41

We recently donated $1,000 to Michael (Grey) Brett, who will be competing in the World Transplant Games in Spain this summer. We asked Michael to send us his story so that we can share it with you all and be inspired, so please read on...

My name is Michael (Grey) Brett. In 2005, at the age of 25, I was diagnosed with a rare, progressive and incurable auto-immune disease called Primary Schlerosing Colanghitis (PSC). This came as quite a shock to me as an otherwise healthy and active individual. I was advised by doctors that I had approximately 7 years before my liver would fail, beyond which, my only hope for survival would be a liver transplant. From then, I really embraced an active lifestyle, paying careful attention to diet and exercise, and went on to achieve a number of professional and personal goals including extensive travel, practicing and teaching Muay Thai kickboxing, getting married and starting a family. 10 years after the PSC diagnosis, my liver failed and I received a life-saving organ transplant in June of 2015.

While recovering from surgery I made a promise to myself to become even more active than I had been before my transplant. Further, I decided to connect with the transplant community in supporting the wellbeing of organ recipients and building on a culture of donor awareness, something I address through my online project at My own recovery was a long, slow process with setbacks and complications but I eventually turned small steps in to long walks, and walks into runs, and I rediscovered my love of swimming (something I did competitively as a child growing up in Stouffville, ON). With a good deal of effort, I trained to become a 5 time gold medal winner in swimming events at the Canadian Transplant Games in 2016 and I’m now preparing to compete as a member of Team Canada as we head to Malaga Spain for the World Transplant Games from June 25 - July 2, 2017.

The huge opportunity to attend and participate in the World Transplant Games has given me purpose and focus. I’ve pushed myself to become stronger and healthier and I’m taking steps to communicate the value and importance of physical activity for transplant patients. With the generous support of my sponsors Randy, Diane and Kurt Henry and their incredible team at The Mortgage Centre, I’m able to make strides in living a life that makes significant goals attainable while demonstrating what can be accomplished through Organ Donation.

For more information, please visit Michael’s website at:
Michael’s Instagram Account: @chasing_greytness

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